Chaitow – Cranial Manipulation: Theory and Practice

This expertly authored book is a valuable clinical manual for therapists interested in cranial manipulation, a fast-growing area of manual therapy practice. The new edition presents the latest thinking on the use of this valuable approach, supported by the most up-to-date research evidence related to its use. Osteopathic biomechanical and biodynamic concepts are thoroughly examined, […]

Barral – Manual Therapy for the Prostate

Manual Therapy for the Prostate presents a comprehensive guide to the prostate that includes manual treatment procedures designed to resolve common prostate issues. Based on author Jean-Pierre Barral’s clinical practice and his innovative theory of visceral manipulation, the book provides a structured framework rooted in anatomy and physiology. By precisely applying manual techniques to the […]

Milne – The Heart of Listening 2

Originally published as a single volume, The Heart of Listening has been re-issued as two separate volumes because of public demand for a more concise, portable edition. Milne, a third generation Scottish osteopath, begins by explaining the visionary approach to healing, and how it may be applied to the realm of craniosacral work. In the […]

Riggs – Deep Tissue Massage

These manual therapy techniques will transform the way you perform bodywork. Unlike many other massage therapist books, this training manual will be extremely useful for continuing education for both new practitioners and advanced therapists working in myofascial release, structural integration, Rolfing ®, physical therapy, and other forms of bodywork.

With over 225 pages, more than 250 […]


Robert Acland

Dr. Robert Acland is a professor emeritus in the Department of Anatomical Sciences at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He gained his expertise in instructional video during his first career, as a pioneer and teacher of microsurgical techniques. In his second career as a clinical anatomist, Dr. Acland directs his school’s renowned Fresh […]

Rollin E. Becker

Dr. Rollin E. Becker was President of the SCTF (USA) for 17 years and was an important influence in cranial teaching in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s. The elder son of Dr. Arthur Becker, one of Still’s favoured students at the American School of Osteopathy in Kirksville, Rollin Becker started osteopathic practice in […]


Acland – Atlas of Human Anatomy, Part 3: The Trunk

The third DVD in this remarkable and beautifully produced DVD anatomy atlas explores the fundamental structures of the Trunk. DVD 3 consists of four sections, describing the musculoskeletal aspects of: The Spine The Thorax The Abdomen The Pelvis More About Atlas of Human Anatomy, Part 3: The Trunk at Amazon More About Atlas of Human […]

Hedley – The Integral Series, Vol. 1: Skin and Superficial Fascia

In what may be the most visually surprising and important sequences in the series, skin and superficial fascia are demonstrated as whole body layers in their superficial and deep projections. The layers are dissected on camera and presented in detail in their variations and in their implications for overall health. The visuals include a stunning […]